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Four main land development areas for housing have been identified by John Prescott - the UK Deputy Prime Minister. The first, of a number of development areas, are Ashford, London, M11 corridor, Milton Keynes, Stansted and the Thames Gateway.

Plans to build 4+ million new homes between now and 2006> have caught the attention of land investors and developers alike. Planning authorities will be forced to review their current policies to accommodate the development. John Prescott has agreed to ensure that any land development on green belt will be replaced with additional land that is classified as green belt land.

Prescott's latest plan is to remove local councils of their power to block greenfield land development. Approval for Development will be given even in remote rural villages, which have up until now been strictly protected in planning laws. These plans are being finalised by The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Greenfield development may also be allowed if there are “wider benefits” from farm diversification.


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